Costly lessons in quest for education

College graduates surfing for jobs, drowning in debt and seeking a bailout

By Jesse Muhammad, Final Call Staff Writer

HOUSTON, Texas - Many college students, past and present, are wondering how banks and auto makers are being bailed out while there is no lifeline for those drowning in student loan debt while jobless or making little money with a college degree.

“It can be extremely depressing at times,” said Saeeda Shabazz, 23, who graduated from Emerson College in Boston with a major in theatre studies. Since graduating in 2008, things have not gone according to plan.

Because she had no job offers coming out of school, she resorted to babysitting after returning to her parent's home. She was making enough to get by until she lost that job. Now she's even having trouble getting employment at a local bookstore and the interest rate on her student loans is increasing.

“I have a degree and can't even get a job at Borders or Barnes & Nobles. I have already put my loans in deferment twice. So at this rate I will pay them off by the year 2028,” she said. “Many of my friends are working at malls with degrees and have student loans as well. Where is the bailout for the college students?”

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  1. Try story for me too! I didn't graduate yet but I'm nervous about how I'm going to pay back my loans and tuition is going up next semester!


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