Day 1 in Fort Worth, Texas: Dr. Alim kicks off Scattered Pearls Conference!

by Jesse Muhammad

Blogging from the city of Fort Worth, Texas!

I am in town attending the Scattered Pearls Conference hosted by Muhammad Mosque No. 52. It is going on from May 22-24 and Dr. Abdul Alim Muhammad was the featured presenter to kick off the conference!

Trust me, his presentations are a must see. He covered topics such as Identity, Relationships, Intention, Purpose, Goals, Issues, Problems, Needs and The Self Organizing Self: Getting the Work Done!

"You think you can sidestep your identity by not being yourself but you will not be successful", said Dr. Alim to the audience.

Today is featuring the no-nonsense management expert Michael Muhammad. He is already covering topics such as Building a New Social Contract and has a lot more in store for us today.

More blogging to come!

You can visit www.fortworthatonementconference.com to see what else you are missing!

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