Do you need a motivational speaker, workshop presenter, emcee or panelist for your next event?

Energetic, inspiring and effective are just some of the words audiences have used to describe messages delivered by motivational speaker Jesse Muhammad. The theme of his motivational talks is "Mediocrity is Not in Your D.N.A", to show that no individual was born to do anything mediocre but instead has the power to be extraordinary in everything that they do.

So far in 2009, Brother Jesse has addressed over 20,000 youth across the country and several thousand more on a range of topics. He has delivered messages at leadership conferences, middle school programs, high school commencement exercises, career fairs, college campuses, awards banquets and expos in various states throughout the nation.

His energetic presentation has made him one of the most sought after speakers for anyone looking to inspire their attendees and not put them to sleep.

2009 Testimonies!!

"Jesse Muhammad is such a dynamic speaker. I enjoyed hearing him speak so much. Not only did he inspire our students but he touched me and the parents in attendance as well."
--Mrs. Rhonda Calhoun, Senior Class Principal at North Forest High School in Houston
(May 21, 2009)

"Mr. Muhammad is one of the best speakers I have heard. Usually speakers are boring at graduations but he was awesome at our graduation."

--Symone Booker, 2009 Valedictorian of North Forest High School in Houston
(May 21, 2009)

"Jesse's talk was truly inspiring, in the sense that he reminded us that individuals truly can make a difference"
--Annie Johnston, Tulane Law Student and founder of the Human Rights Law Society
(March 2009)

"When Jesse starts talking, the energy in the room changes. His audiences are immediately engaged, and, especially this time, I found myself on the edge of my seat."
--Emily Ratner, New Orleans Human Rights Conference Organizer
(March 2009)

"The conviction he has towards the success of our youth today is so powerful that I couldn’t have requested a more motivational or inspirational speaker senior class graduation."
---Mrs. Kimya McKinney, GBPA former principal

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