Evidence in Paris, Texas dragging case takes another turn

(Blogger's Note: The following is an excerpt of an article that will appear in an upcoming edition of the Final Call Newspaper. Please be sure to read the full report!)

By Jesse Muhammad for The Final Call Newspaper

The attorney representing a White male accused of murdering a Black man in Paris, Texas recently announced that someone else may be responsible: a gravel truck driver.

According to defense attorney Ben Masser, the driver has given a sworn videotaped statement stating that he was on the same road around the time of Brandon McClelland's death. “I believe it was an accident, and I don’t think it was his (the driver’s) intent to injure or kill anybody”, said Mr. Masser

“After all of these months, why is this truck driver all of sudden coming forth?”, said Jacqueline McClelland to the Final Call. She is the mother of the deceased victim.

The driver’s name has not been released but his attorney, Mike Mosher, is working to grant his client immunity before allowing him to be interviewed by prosecutors.

“I would not be surprised if someone paid this truck driver to give this statement. I would not be surprised at anything these people will do to free these men who killed my child”, said Ms. McClelland. “I believe this is another cover up tactic. The stories keep changing every month. I just want justice for my son.”

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  1. It wasn't a dragging case. It has become a poster child of misinformation by Brenda Cherry and the NBPP. They want to use lies and distortion. They want to use the victim's mother to promote their own agenda of separate races.


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