How To Eat To Live by The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad

(The following is an excerpt from How To Eat To Live Book I)

"Virtually all vegetables are good to eat except collard greens and turnip salad. The roots of turnips do very well, but not the salad. Cabbages are good, especially the white head, but not the green leaves. Cauliflower is a really fine vegetable, but take away the green leaves.

There are a lot of other good vegetables that have been grafted from original vegetables, though some of the grafted vegetables are not good to eat. Do not eat the vegetable called kale.

Eat some spinach, but do not become an habitual spinach eater. Eat rutabaga, a little every now and then. You may eat as much garlic and onion as you like, but no sweet potatoes and no white potatoes. Sweet potatoes were never good for any human to eat. They are good for hogs, but not for you.

White (Irish) potatoes are a food for people who live in frigid zones, a staple food for such as Europe, Northern America and Canada; but potatoes and rice are too starchy for you and me. They laden us with too much starch and fat, which are friends to diabetes. Sweet potatoes are full of gas, do not eat them."

Did you know before health food stores, and organic vegetable and fruits were available, The Honorable Elijah Muhammad wrote these two books that gave dietary blueprints to generations who would be impacted by his words of guidance? These keys to longer and healthier lives are as timely and relevant now as they were then.

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