More coverage of the Scattered Pearls Conference in Fort Worth,Texas!!

by Jesse Muhammad

On the second day in Fort Worth on May 23, management expert Michael Muhammad presented an array of topics that made everyone walk away strategizing on how they can better manage their lives and enjoy high quality living.

Bro. Michael spoke on the pubic-private partnership between the Believer and the Nation, the value of networks, the basics of business management and a dialogue on offering up a new relationship between Blacks and Jews.

"Whether your goal is small or big, struggle is ordained", said Bro. Michael. "So you might as well go after something big, since you're going to struggle anyway."

Then Dr. Alim led the conference goers in various mental exercises before the closing session. On Sunday, May 24, Dr. Alim delivered the keynote address during the mosque meeting and announced plans to host a National Milk Conference in Texas in August.

(Look for more coverage of this conference in an upcoming edition of The Final Call Newspaper. Here a few photo highlights!)

View the online slideshow at http://s589.photobucket.com/albums/ss338/jessemuhammad/?albumview=slideshow

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