New Orleans delegation attempting to cross into Gaza needs your support

On May 29th, a group of New Orleans social justice activists, filmmakers, photographers, and journalists will attempt to cross the Rafah border into Gaza. They will be joining a CodePink delegation that is bringing medical supplies, playground equipment, and toys to the 140 square mile open-air prison recently devastated by the Israeli siege called “Operation Cast Lead.”

More than 1,400 Palestinians, including more than 300 children, were killed in the siege between late December and mid-January, and the people of Gaza are still suffering from serious food and water shortages, grossly inadequate medical services, and the utter devastation of the civilian infrastructure in this already impoverished and brutalized region.

Many of the struggles they take on in New Orleans are seen even more extremely in Gaza, such as racism, the cradle-to-prison pipeline, the right to return, the right to housing, and the right to healthcare.

For more information on this peace mission and to donate log on to: http://patoisfilmfest.org/?page_id=160

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