The Scattered Pearls Conference featured in the latest Final Call Newspaper

Fort Worth Mosque prepares to host hundreds from across the Nation

by Jesse Muhammad for The Final Call Newspaper

(The following is an excerpt from an article that appears in the latest edition of The Final Call Newspaper)

The Nation of Islam’s Muhammad Mosque No. 52 and the Fort Worth Atonement Committee has been working unceasingly in preparation for the upcoming Scattered Pearls Conference to serve as a forum for energizing attendees to establish the Nine Ministries and become better helpers for the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.

“The manifestation that we are in fact accepting our responsibilities is our involvement in ministry work,” said Dr. Abdul Alim Muhammad. “But each of us must find our place in this 'new' phase of our Nation's mission. Therefore, this part of the conference can be seen as a direct continuation of what was begun at the Farm Conference held in September 2007.”

According to Dr. Alim, who is one of the featured presenters, the theme is “taken directly from a speech given by Minister Farrakhan in which he compared the Believers to scattered pearls. He pointed out that the beauty of the pearls is in their being united together by a hidden string. So, our sub-theme and goal of the conference is to discover the hidden string that makes us all one.”

The conference will take place on May 22-24 at the Radisson Hotel Fort Worth Fossil Creek. Dr. Alim along with Michael Muhammad of Washington, D.C., will cover a range of subjects essential to nation building, self-improvement and the development of the ministries within every city.

Bro. Michael, a no-nonsense management expert, will speak on the pubic-private partnership between the Believer and the Nation, the value of networks, the basics of business management and a dialogue on offering up a new relationship between Blacks and Jews.

“Management is a science which means it can be learned, taught, and improved upon and it is not a mystery”, said Bro. Michael. “Common management mistakes in business, life, organizations, and marriage are blaming others for our outcomes, lack of foresight and planning, lack of resources, lack of creativity, lack of ingenuity, and underestimating the difficulty involved in the endeavor.”

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To see the full schedule and registered for this conference please log on to: http://www.fortworthatonementconference.com/

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