Sterling High School Class of 2010 getting ready to take over the world!!!!

On Thursday, May 14, I was one of the guest presenters at Sterling High School's BRIEF Case Project for the Class of 2010. Over 200 hundred students attended various breakout sessions on careers in architecture, engineering, marketing ,finances, firefighting, medicine, law, restaurant management, and more.

I was invited to speak on how I started a career as a motivational speaker as well as a journalist for The Final Call Newspaper. This was a rewarding experience and we all made three 45 minute presentations in rooms at Cullen Missionary Baptist Church.

One student said to me after my talk that " I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life, but you gave me purpose."

I got a surprise as well when I looked at the list of guest presenters and saw that my good friend Donald Muhammad was a presenter too! We both attend Muhammad Mosque No. 45 in Houston and he has been knowing me since I was in high school. We have a small friendly rivalry because I went to Prairie View A&M University and he attended Texas Southern University!

But I admire this brother so much for believing in his vision to become a pilot and he did not let anything stop him! He now flies planes for Continental Airlines. The students loved us and so many of them decided to take pictures with us. (above)

And this is a shot below of us receiving our certificates of appreciation. Thank you to Ms. Phillips, Ms. Lisa Williams and all of the great staff for inviting us....helping youth is serious and enjoyable!

Let's be the change.


  1. this is great brother jesse! you are an inspiration!!

  2. I love the picture!

  3. Brother J can I have your autograph??? APBTA brother, I am very proud of you.

    Bro D

  4. That was such a divinely orchestrated meeting and you are both great inspirations to the youth of today. What you are doing is a much needed service to help deter our young men and women from taking the wrong path. I am one super-proud mama!!


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