Texas Governor nearing his 200th execution

Coalitions plan massive day of protests statewide and globally

By Jesse Muhammad, Final Call Staff Writer

HOUSTON, Texas-- On June 2, the 200th execution under Texas Governor Rick Perry is scheduled to take place and protesters from across the state are synchronizing their plans to speak out against it.

Since becoming governor of Texas in December 2000, Mr. Perry has surpassed any governor in U.S. history in the number of executions under their watch. The date of the 200th execution could change if any prior scheduled executions are halted but according to Gloria Rubac, the outcry will never stop.

“We’re never going to stop protesting these killings”, said Ms. Rubac to The Final Call. She heads the Texas Death Penalty Abolishment Movement in Houston.

“The prison system has never been about reform, especially in Texas. They are taking innocent lives so we are asking everyone around the country to call Gov. Perry, march in your city and let your voice be heard”, she said.

Ms. Rubac has been involved in the abolishment of the death penalty since it was reinstated nationwide in1982. Every week she and other members can be found visiting prisoners in Huntsville, Texas, attending sessions at the state capitol and hosting grassroots planning meetings at local venues.

“This cause is serious and can not be taken lightly. Our state is the number one killer and jailer in the world””, she said.

(Read more in an upcoming edition of The Final Call Newspaper)

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