Upcoming "Flames of Racism" town hall meeting to address the Houston Fire Department and unveil more facts

On June 2, 2009, a community town hall meeting will take place to continue addressing the issue of racism in the Houston Fire Department.

The town hall meeting will be held at the Houston Black Firefighters Headquarters located at 4949 Reed Road starting at 7:30 pm CST.

Organizers plan to unveil facts about the recent noose incident that the media has yet to report and plus attendees will get to find out where U.S. Senate Candidate Mayor Bill White stands on this issue. Featured speakers will include:

Deric Muhammad, Community Activist
Houston Black Firefighters Association
Deloyd Parker, SHAPE Center
Atty. Sadiyah Evangelista, Community Activist
Shelby Stewart, Black Officers for Justice
Kystal Muhammad, New Black Panther Party
Millions More Movement
Nation of Islam
...and others

Legal advice for Discrimination in the Workplace will also be offered. For more info email: askbrotherderic@yahoo.com, Log on to http://www.noiswregion.org/townhall.asp

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