Your life is a canvass.....what will you create next?

by Jesse Muhammad

Have you ever watched a painter sit in front of a blank canvass, then the next thing you know that canvass has been turned into a great piece of art?

With every stroke of the brush, their mind is placed display as every ounce of paint harmonizes. Whatever the artist wills for the finish product, it becomes a reality.

After they are done, some people may marvel at it and some may even frown at it because they don't understand the message in it. But to the artist it always makes complete sense...because it's their work.

Even some of the most seemingly simple pieces of artwork are worth thousands and even millions of dollars.

Your life is a canvass....how many masterpieces have your produced? How many more will you create? How many people have you helped to create their own masterpieces?

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