"Bethune: Out of Darkness, Into the Light of Freedom" is a must read book. Best-Seller Day Campaign on June 11, 2009

Like most relatives of legends, the grandchildren of Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune are often asked what it is like to be related to someone so well known.

For Dr. Evelyn Bethune, the answer has never been an easy one. Her grandmother was far ahead of her time in her vision, focus, and ability to lead our people. Growing up in "her shadow was sometimes the hardest aspect of my life and other times the most rewarding", says Dr. Evelyn Bethune.

It is the story of Bethune: Out of Darkness, Into The Light of Freedom. One does not have to be visibly shackled to be enslaved. Enslavement can come through fear and anger. This is the true story of coming out of that darkness into the light of freedom. It is a story of how the strength of our ancestors is with us and guides us to the restoration of stolen legacies.

"Dr. Evelyn Bethune stands in the grand tradition of her grandmother Mary McLeod Bethune and family. Her book BETHUNE: Out of Darkness, into the Light of Freedom is an inspirational gem and historical jewel!"-- Dr. Cornel West, Princeton University

Bethune: Out of Darkness, Into the Light of Freedom
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