Did You Get Your Facebook Username?

by Dante Lee

I'm not a big fan of using Facebook for business purposes, but a lot of people do this and I've heard some pretty good success stories. If you do use Facebook to grow your business, you may as well maximize on it.

They have a new feature that allows you to personalize your Facebook URL (web address) by selecting a unique username. It will appear in the location bar of your browser after "http://www.facebook.com/" when you view your profile.

For instance, my personalized URL is www.Facebook.com/DanteLee

Since so many people use Facebook, this is a really neat feature because it makes it very easy for people to find you. In addition, over time your page will start to show up in search engine results whenever people "google" you.

Don't procrastinate though because if someone takes the username you wanted, there's nothing you can do about it. If this happens though, consider other options. For instance, I could have also registered Facebook.com/LeeDante or Facebook.com/Dante.Lee or even Facebook.com/DanteMLee. Which ever one you go with, just remember that you can not change it later - so get it right the first time around.

Also, don't even think about name squatting - that is, trying to capitalize on someone else's name. Facebook reserves the right to remove and/or reclaim any username at any time for any reason.

To choose and activate your username, visit: www.facebook.com/username

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