The great Michael Jackson makes his transition at the age of 50.....celebrate his life by unleashing the greatness in you.

by Jesse Muhammad

On Thursday, June 25 I was just about to go downstairs in my home and eat dinner.

As I was shutting down my Internet tabs, the last one was Twitter.

Before I closed it my eyes scanned some of the latest Tweets and there it was "MJ passes at 50" via Global Grind news. I immediately Googled other news websites and others were verifying the same thing with the exception of CNN.

So when asked "What were you doing when you got the news?"...I was on Twitter.

My eyes stayed glued to the computer for breaking updates. My phone was blowing up with calls and text messages like everyone else. Then CNN confirmed, Jermaine Jackson made a statement....it was official. Our brother is physically gone.

This is not a blog to add to the stream of sad ones but rather as a celebration of a man who influenced my life as well and I never shook his hand. I thank MJ for not sitting on his gifts and talents but rather working unceasingly to master them. We all were motivated to unleash ours. Plus he exhibited unselfishness by sharing his success with others and touching the lives of millions around the world. Are we doing the same? Will we do the same?

MJ can never die. For everyone of us that ever wore the zipper jacket, flipped over his records in the house, wore the glitter glove, did the moonwalk, rocked a curl or practiced the dance moves in the living room, MJ lives on.

"Honor the life of MJ by unleashing your greatness and inspire others to do the same like he did." (via @BrotherJesse)

PS: My 3 Top MJ videos 1)Smooth Criminal 2)Thriller 3)Remember The Time...set the pace & trend for all dancers all the way until today.

What are your favorite videos?


  1. ASA,

    This is a wonderful article. The title alone is profound. Thanks.

  2. Peace Brother Jesse! Thank you! This is such a wonderful testimony! I am feeling you on the unleashing of our talents. So many lessons in his passing. I appreciate so much more having the knowledge of self and putting things into perspective. I love his videos and songs. I like the three you picked. It is so easy to take his impact for granted. He did change the way we dance. But my two of my favorite songs are "Man in the Mirror" and "Earth Song." I have the Number 1 Hits video and have enjoyed watching them with my children long before this. Thanks again! Keep representing the TRUTH!

  3. Mahatma Ghandi, Martin Luther King, and now Michael Jackson to name a few. There are many others past and present who are sent to us to figure out their overall meaning to us.

    The meaning I derive from men such as these is that concepts such as race, money, and material has to take a back seat to concepts like God, love, and peace.

    Men like these used all of their talents, wisdom, wealth, and personality to teach us what it means to love each other. They didn't just say I love you. They practice love by showing, teaching, communicating, and giving.

    Some might say; how can you possibly put Michail Jackson in the class of Ghandi and king. True, neither Ghandi or King had at their disposal meia outlet that afforded Michael. Nontheless, Michael was able to use the media to bridge racial, religious, social, and ethnic gaps.

    Just like King and Ghandi, Michael help us to see that oneness of our humanity.

  4. my favorite i would say was remember the time. its like Mj was trying to enlighten us with our history. the other two was thriller, and off the wall.watching thriller has shown me I have been dancing like MJ for years and didn't even know it.

  5. Maria De Lourdes MuhammadJuly 5, 2009 at 9:58 AM

    I remember when Michael Jackson came into my life for the very first time. It was during the Edd Sullivan show if I am not mistaken. My brother wanted to be Michael and I like many other little girls at that time had a tremendous crush on him. Michael Jackson will be greatly missed. Michael came into my life when all I saw on the television the white man with portraying that of super hero. Michael was ans will forever be my superman. I love all of Michael Jackson's music videos and songs. If I have to choose my favorites it would have to be Thriller, Smooth Criminal, Remember the time and The way you make me feel.

    Maria De Lourdes Muhammad.

  6. This is an eye opening article Bro. Jesse!
    I was fortunate enough to have the pleasure of meeting Michael, actually shaking his hand when he was all of 12. I had drawn portraits of he & his bros. The J-5 & written poems about each of them; while visiting with Jackie, Tito, Jermain, Marlon & dad Joe for over an hour. Michael complimented my work; and said "I like this, I love to draw too"; which inspired me to continue creating! His "Man In The Mirror" inspired me even further as an adult to "make that change" and resigning as a Police Officer; to start a community group helping children stay productive; by developing their talents into marketable skills and service! When we remember Michael J. Jackson; yes it should be for us each to get busy showing our gifts God has placed in each & every one of us; to make a Positive change in the lives of others as Michael did! Michael Jackson was not only "The King Of Pop"; but The King of Music Entertainment, PERIOD! Long live The King with The King Of Kings....JESUS!!

  7. Wow, you all are inspiring me even more with your comments. Thank you so much for sharing.

    @DeAnna Denise Adams Where can I find your artwork on the Internet?

  8. By saying 'celebrate his life by unleashing the greatness in you' you really hit the right button. That is what it takes, that is how I understood the call for myself.


  9. Mr.Jackson was biger than life.

  10. Thank you for your article, Brother Jesse. How beautiful....since Michael's passing - I have reflected on my own life in the shadowed footsteps of such a truly compassionate, sweet and unfortunately misunderstood soul - Michael Jackson.

  11. Peace and blessings to all who read this,Michael's gifts and talents remind me of Christ and the unity he tried to provoke and this is truly a message to all of us to zero in on and enhance the God inspired/given talents to help us all fight the fiery darts that satan is trying to hurl at us for division and destruction but Christs' message was not about that and for all of us who truly recognize this and there are no color ramifications,because in the end we will all be judged by God and there are no divisions in heaven so people like Mike were sent to us to tell us that the greatest command of all is to "Love" oneanother

  12. thank you Bro.Jesse, your page is awesome, I'm glad that I got the chance to express myself aristocratically and still be respected in the community by staying in a womans place taught to me by my great-grandparents through morals and values that they not only taught me but instilled in me and I in my child right now to this day!!!!! May we all come together!!!!!

  13. @Vernita Thank you for your comments

  14. This is still one of the most impactful deaths of the year....decade....even century in my opinion.

  15. thank u MJ for those wonderful years of my life..

  16. this is my first time on this web site. I have been reading all of the comments,it looks like God has put his grace on many of us Black people! lets keep finding knowlege to help each other because the time is now! peace and blessings to all.


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