How Do We Keep Our Children Out of Prison? 9th Anniversary Murder of Shaka Sankofa (Gary Graham)

by Jesse Muhammad

On Monday, June 22, the Houston Chapter of the National Black United Front will be hosting a forum titled "How Do We Keep Our Children Out of Prison?".

It will feature a presentation by powerful speaker Reginald Gordon, the founder of Operation Outreach OG1.

Mr. Gordon served 18 years in prison and now tours the city doing workshops to save the lives of young people.

This event will also mark the 9th anniversary of the execution of Shaka Sankofa (Gary Graham) who was murdered in 2000.

The event will take place at the NBUF Building located at 2428 Southmore, Houston, TX 77004. The program starts at 7pm. For more information call 713.962.0284

"This system would rather teach outrageous lies about 'manifest destiny' and Criminal Columbus than teach the truth about Mumia Abu-Jamal and the domestic war against the Black Panthers. This oppressive system will never tell the truth about Leonard Peltier and the 500-year annihilation of the Native American people.--SHAKA SANKOFA #QUOTE

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