London DNA Conference "The National DNA Database" Is it being used to seek out and destroy our future geniuses? Watch Online Today!

The Nation of Islam UK will be holding a conference titled: ‘THE NATIONAL DNA DATABASE – Is it being used to seek out and destroy our future geniuses?’

Lead by specialist panel members from, NDNAD Ethics Group, Gene Watch UK and the Metropolitan Black Police Association with detailed knowledge and interest around this subject, the conference will be seeking to address issues such as:

• The implications of the disproportionate over representation of Black people on The NDNAD and explore how this affects the Black community.
• How DNA is used and the possible misuse once on the NDNAD
• How to ‘reclaim your DNA’ and take part in the government consultation about whose DNA and fingerprint records should be kept and for how long

Did you know that 57% of innocent DNA samples taken in London alone are from Black people, despite this group making up just 2.9% of the national population (Black Mental Health UK)?

An estimated 135,000 black males aged 15 to 34 entered in the crime-fighting- database, equivalent to as many as 77 per cent of the young black male population in England and Wales. By contrast, only 22 per cent of young white males, and six per cent of the general population, are on the database.

"Your DNA can reveal where you have been, who you are related to, and sensitive information about your health. There is a real danger of abuse by Governments, or by anyone who might infiltrate the system and obtain access to people's DNA or computer records"--Dr Helen Wallace, GeneWatch UK

Date: Sunday June 28, 2009
Time: 4 pm - 7 pm
Venue: NOI UK Headquarters 1-5 Hinton Road Brixton London SE24 0HJ

To Watch Online Click: http://noilondonlive.synthasite.com/

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