Paris, TX Update~Accused Murderers Set Free, Mother Angered and Community Groups Lead protest

by Jesse Muhammad

Have you heard the news? Toby Shook, special prosecutor in the dragging case of Brandon McClelland, had the charges dismissed against Shannon Finley and Charles Crostley.

They were set free on June 4. Yes, set free.

The two White males were accused of dragging Mr. McClelland over 70 feet beneath a pickup truck in mid-September down a country road.

The mother of the victim, Jacqueline McClelland, is angered and told me that "I knew something was going wrong. I am angered but I will not stop fighting."

On June 8, a protest and press conference was called by members of the New Black Panther Party and the Nation of Islam. The heated protest drew over 200 people outside the Lamar County Courthouse. The groups are calling on the US Dept of Justice to intervene and also will be holding a follow up demonstration on July 21, which was the original start date of Mr. Finley's trial.

Post-racial America? I think not...stay plugged in to The Final Call for more updates.

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