Speaking to Youth! The Lessons in Basketball, Goal-setting and Respect for Parents

When I was recently invited by Jamaaluddin al-Haidar of Houston to speak at the 4th Annual Muslim Youth Basketball Association Summer Camp I was asked to address the young boys about the lessons of life found in basketball, the importance of setting goals early in life and why they should respect their parents.

The young boys at the Adel Road Masjid in North Houston were very interactive as I shared with them my former NBA hoop dream while in high school and also how I was able to play on a USA High School All-Star that competed in a tournament in Germany in 1997. Yes, that is not a typo people!(smile) Then I spoke on why they should not wait until they are older before figuring out what they want to do in life. They had a lot of great comments. Young people are brilliant.

After our dialogue I watched them play a few games, I attempted to dunk a few times ( I still go it!) and I will be returning before the camp ends to speak again as well as referee a few games.

For more information on the MYAB Camp visit: http://www.mybausa.org

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