Stay of Execution issued for Reggie Clemons as community prepares for major rally

by Jesse Muhammad

I spoke with Reggie Clemons on the phone from death row on Saturday, June 6 and his exacts words were "Praises be to Allah (God)!"

This was in response to the news he received that the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit stayed his execution. Mr. Clemons originally faced an execution date of June 17, 2009 for a crime that he believes he did not commit.

But the community is not going to fall to sleep and is continuing to fight until he has his complete freedom.

A huge rally will take place in St. Louis on Saturday, June 13 at Lane Tabernacle Church (Isom Center) located at 910 Newstead (at Enright).

Guest Speakers will include:
Jamala Rogers, Organization for Black Struggle
Akbar Muhammad, Nation of Islam
Dr. Rev. James T. Morris, Lane Tabernacle/State Representative
Lionel Nixon, Deacon- Star Grace MB Church
Redditt Hudson, American Civil Liberties Union
Rev. Michael Vossler, United Church of Christ & Order of Ecumenical Franciscans
Bishop Reynolds Thomas, Life Victory Center
Richard Dockett, National Black United Front
Vera Thomas, Mother of Reggie Clemons
Zaki Baruti, Universal African Peoples Organization.

For More Info: (314) 367-5959 / (314) 531-2422 or visit: www.justiceforreggie.com


  1. My thoughts are that this case needs to be re-opened now that checkers (new lawmakers) on the board have been moved into a new place to see taht wrong done in this case.

    There will be a great breech that will arise from this massive cover-up on such a RICO crime in my personal opinion.

  2. You are all idiots.


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