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"Turning Pain into a Passionate Enterprise"

by Kimyon Zari

A DIAMOND is a symbol of resilience and beauty. Nothing shines brighter and with more clarity than an authentic diamond.

Yet the DIAMOND's original state is a dark piece of coal, a lil rough around the edges. It is only after going through a process does the DIAMOND show up brilliantly beautiful.

"Communication is a whole body experience". And pain is a part of that experience. So when I talk about "Turning Pain into a Passionate Enterprise," I'm saying pain is....(singing... getting to know you, getting to know all about youuuuuu"... laughing... ) Yes, yes. Pain is the message center and you are about to discover how resilient you really are.

Listed below are three reasons I view pain as a beautiful thang:

1) Pain speaks truth to the soul.

2) Pain forces us to mature, ready or not!

3) Pain metamorphisis into a more beautiful lifestyle when we acknowledge the pain, embrace the pain, and love the pain for what it is. A message.

You may ask why should we accept and love the pain Diamond Coach?

Well, let me tell ya. We use pain for what it is. A message. Like the formation of a diamond, let's examine the four C's:

Carot: Weight of the pain

Color: Value of the pain

Clarity: Blemishes in the pain

Cut: Reflects the brilliance, or radiance of the pain. It's Fire. It's THE TRUTH.

The Weight of the pain reveals how much work we have to do on ourselves. It is our test., Bigger levels, bigger devils baby. The question is can you handle the weight?

The Color is the value of the pain. The first thing every client wants to know is what's in it for me. Look at our relationships from that angle. Look at what it takes for us to mate and soar together. Relationships are not all warm-n-fuzzy. We must see and accept the darkness in one another, then self-correct before the "value" appears.

Clarity is understanding the pain. Why is it present? What is the root cause of the pain? Once we diagnose the pain, we begin to see how we can use our pain for good.

And the Cut... the most important part of the process. Be mindful that you cannot cut too deep, you will agitate the pain. You cannot cut too shallow because it will not reflect the proper light. So precision is key.

If you want to get somewhere, you have to go through something. Going through pain is a process. And many times we do not want to share our pain because we are afraid of what others might think. That is the beauty of pain, it is yours to experience and to share in the most beautiful light. So be encouraged to dance like nobody's watching and watch the shimmering results come shining through.

Communication is a whole body experience.

Pain needs to be revealed in order to be cleansed. Marianne Williamson, Author agrees: "In order to be healed, we must reveal our wounds."

My point is in using your pain, you become healthier and wealthier to shine like the DIAMOND that you are. And so it is...

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