The blunders of the Houston Fire Department continues.....Community Leaders planning major July 28 rally.

by Jesse Muhammad

The Houston Fire Department is under serious scrutiny right now and it's only getting worse.

Deric Muhammad, Black Fire Capt. Otis Jordan, community leaders and other members of the Houston Black Firefighters Association are refusing to let up on the racism that is gradually manifesting in the ranks of the department. They are organizing a massive July 28 rally at Houston City Hall.

As if the department wasn't under enough fire already, check out this link to a story first reported by Isiah Carey of Fox 26 News where racist and sexist graffiti was found in the women's locker room at Houston Fire Station #54. : http://carey2.blogspot.com/2009/07/allegations-of-racism-just-wont-stop.html

Watch news highlights below from the June 23 Press Conference that took place at City Hall as the groups called for the resignation of three top HFD officials.