Chicago Blogging~Have you ever visited the legendary Final Call building? A must see.

by Jesse Muhammad
All Photos by Brother Jesse

I'm in Chicago for a phenomenal conference and for me it is always mandatory to visit the legendary Final Call building on West 79th Street. Yes, legendary.

What makes it legendary?

Because every brick represents the sacrifice of its founder the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, who took out a second mortgage on his own home in 1979 to launch this newspaper in his basement. True story.

Every brick represents the sacrifice of every brother whoever picked up one edition of this paper in order to put it into the hands of people. Every brick represents all of those who worked for this great newspaper which was originally named The Final Call to Islam, Mr. Muhammad Speaks, Muhammad Speaks and now to its present name.

Every brick represents all of the editors, general managers, staff writers, receptionists, layout artists, salesmen, truck drivers, photographers, contributing writers and more who have contributed their time to ensure the ongoing success of this paper for the past 30 years. Yes, for 30 unceasing years people around the country and the world have been uplifted by the spiritual guidance and unique news on every page.

The walls are adorned with framed archived editions of The Final Call from its inception. The architectural design of its ceiling is awe inspiring. The basement is a store house with books and videos for those hungry for knowledge.

And it's situated in the heart of the Black community. I know you may marvel at Disneyland, the Grand Canyon, the Eiffel Tower, or even the Great Wall of China. None of which I have ever seen in person.

But all of those put together can never amount to the impact that one paper produced out of The Final Call building has had across the globe.

If you live Chicago, work at a local school or if you will be visiting there in the near future. Make it a point to take a tour of The Final Call building.

Bonus Photo:
As I walked out of The Final Call Building, this was the scene to my left. That star and crescent is located next to the Salaam Restaurant. Had to capture it!

Don't forget to tune into Minister Farrakhan's historic address on Sunday, July 26, 2009 at 10am CST via webcast. Click below for more info!

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