The Diamonaire Living Lifestyles' featuring "Special Guest" Brother Jesse, Myles Miller, & Stephen Biko on July 23

TURNING PAIN into a PASSIONATE ENTERPRISE is the hallmark of The Diamonaire Living Lifestyles' Blog Talk radio show hosted every Thursday evening by Kimyon Zari aka The Diamond Coach

She became an entrepreneur first to serve, and second to reap the benefits of her service as promised. 1 Diamond Coaching, Inc. did not emerge from a family tradition, silver spoons, or a prestigious education she says. Contrarily, 1 Diamond Coaching, Inc. blossomed from her pain.

"My contribution as a coach is to assist people by listening to their ideas and concerns and in turn, provide them with realistic options for getting them where they want to be", she says.

This week episode will be a talk about life, love, respect, and relationships. She is delighted to have these three gentleman scheduled to appear on her show to share diamond gems, from their perspective on life, love, respect and relationships.

Show guests will include Brother Jesse, Myles Miller and Stephen Biko, who have all connected on Twitter with her.

Tune into the show on Thursday, July 23 at 7:00pm CST online at: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/Diamonaire-Lifestyle

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