Editor Emeritus of ESSENCE magazine Susan L. Taylor speaks on Brother Jesse

"I am the editor-in-chief emeritus of ESSENCE, and in my 37 years at the magazine came to recognize talent and greatly appreciate those who are committed to service, creating healthy communities and a better world. I have found these qualities in Jesse Muhammad, an emerging journalist, businessman and community leader.

He possesses qualities and values I so admire and wish to celebrate. He has interviewed me several times for The Final Call newspaper and also on the radio. I'm always impressed when young journalists do their homework and ask critical questions. And when they go beyond the call of duty, it takes my breath away. These are Jesse's standards.

Jesse Muhammad answers the call of duty to our underserved children. He stepped forward to help launch the National CARES Mentoring Movement in Houston, one of the 53 cities where my foundation has organized the call to action to the Black community to help save the lives of at-risk youngsters by mentoring them.

In any given week you will find young Jesse speaking to high school and college students about career choices, entrepreneurship and how to take charge of and direct their lives. He is a shining example of the commitment to excellence and community that African Americans and all Americans so want our young people to possess."

---Susan L. Taylor, Editor-in-Chief emeritus of ESSENCE and founder of National CARES Mentoring Movement


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