Flex Your Brain Muscles For Better Business Results

By Dante Lee of BlackPR.com

Research shows that flexing your brain muscles can help you think faster and smarter, and can even delay the loss of memory as you get older. These are things that can benefit you as an entrepreneur in more ways than one.

You'll be able to out think your competition, come up with more creative ideas, increase your speed reaction time, defuse stress, and better recall tips and strategies that you read about or heard about.

Here are just a few ways to flex your brain muscles:

1) Learn how to say your ABC's backwards. This will not only help you with your memory, but it will train your brain to be more flexible. It can even raise your self-esteem.

2) Start using your other hand. If you're right-handed, learn to write and eat with your left hand - and vice versa. This will you keep both sides of your brain active, which can lead to more creative and innovative thoughts.

3) Learn to skate backwards. If you like to skate, why not learn how to skate backwards? When doing so, you'll be using parts of your brain that never get used.

4) Exercise 3-5 times a week. Regularly exercising will increase blow flow throughout your body and to your brain. Running, jogging, brisk walking, lifting weights, and playing sports can all be helpful.

5) Eat brain food. Everyone knows that fish is good for your brain, but there are more. Organic eggs, fruits and vegetables, seeds and nuts, and other foods with fatty acids are all helpful with concentration and sensorimotor skills. Also, for dessert - try organic dark chocolate.

6) Take herbal supplements. Fish oil, Vitamin B-6, Vitamin B-12, lithium, and Vitamin E are natural supplements that can keep your brain strong and possibly prevent your brain from aging.

7) Download some brain challenge mobile apps. The iPhone has several applications that can help keep your brain active. My favorites are Brain Challenge, Brain Toot, and The Moron Test.

8) Use Braingle.com and BrainMetrix.com. These are two web sites that give you access to free brain teasers, riddles, trivia, exercises, games, and more.

Remember that the key to running a successful business is thinking smarter and harder. Make sure your brain is in shape to keep up!

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