Have you seen The Final Call Newspaper's newly developed website?

by Jesse Muhammad

The Final Call Newspaper was launched 30 years ago by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan in the basement of his home.

This dynamic newspaper has stood the test of time and now stands as the only remaining Black-owned nationally distributed newspaper in the United States. Yes, the ONLY one.

But it is not just read in America. On any given week you will find it's pages being opened in Africa, South America, the Isles of the Pacific, and even the United Kingdom. Millions have been touched by the truth found in every edition and news stories made relevant to the plight of suffering people. That's The Final Call.

The Final Call Online Edition was initially started as a simple promotional tool developed by Nation of Islam college students for the historic Million Man March in 1995. Receiving millions of visits since its inception, it has grown into the online companion to The Final Call Newspaper.

And just as the printed version has evolved with the times, the online real estate has been revamped, refreshed and redesigned for online readers. Have you seen it?

The new layout is slick, user-friendly and awaiting your visit. Click the image below to see for yourself.

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