Hip-Hop legend Wise Intelligent falsely arrested: "I am a youth advocate, not a drug dealer, drug user, gangbanger, or criminal

On Monday, July 12, I received an email that legendary Hip-Hop artist and community activist Wise Intelligent (Poor Righteous Teachers) had been falsely arrested. At first when I saw the subject line, I thought maybe it was someone else reporting on it. But then I realize it was a statement directly from Wise. Here is an excerpt of his statement and the link to the entire blog. What do you think?

Wise Intelligent wrote:

"Please understand me. I can accept being pulled over because the officer suspected I may have been trafficking, selling or distributing drugs. However, at the moment it is realized that's not the case, send me on my way..you don't even have to apologize! But, don't, after discovering you were wrong, treat me like I am in effect a "drug dealer" who just happened to outwit you this time!

I am a youth advocate, not a drug dealer, drug user, gangbanger, or criminal. I know many people in Trenton, I grew up here since I was two years old! Trenton is only 7.5 square miles, everybody knows everybody! I went to school with, grew up with and I am friends with lawyers, judges, doctors, nurses, police officers, firemen, garbage men, government workers, rappers, city workers, school teachers, principals, businessmen, politicians, activist and yes, gangbangers, convicts, drug addicts, etc. The good, the bad, and the ugly...I AM TRENTON!

An apparent part of the problem is that the arresting officers ARE NOT TRENTON! They didn't grow up here, they do not know the people. It's hard to have lived in the 7.5 square mile box that is Trenton and not know me, what I do and or what I'm about! I've been the same ole me for years!

Is this what the justice system is? Arresting innocent people on bogus charges knowing most will want to avoid court, missing work and paying for attorneys. So, get them to plea bargain to the lesser tickets and or summons while dropping other charges? Most people take this "deal" to avoid court, attorney fees and possibly more fines, even though they're innocent! This is extortion, intimidation and abuse of power in the worse way!

Read his full blog at:www.myspace.com/wiseintelligent

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