Kofi Taharka of Houston elected as New National Chairman of NBUF

Community Advisory from the Houston NBUF Chapter:

On Friday, July 17, 2009 Kofi Taharka was elected National Chairman of the National Black United Front at the organizations 30th National Convention in Chicago, Illinois.

Chairman Taharka replaces Dr.Conrad Worrill who is a founding member and has served as Chairman for over two decades.

NBUF is a grassroots human rights and social justice organization.

“We are facing many challenges and opportunities as a people, I am looking forward to working with the new leadership to serve the community” said Taharka.
The new Chairman comes from the Houston Chapter of NBUF and is a native of S.E. Banneker City (Washington D.C.).

A young organizer out of New Jersey, Salim Adofo was elected as the new Vice-Chair of Organizing and Training replacing author and movement veteran Dr. Oba T’Shaka. Toriano Granger of Chicago and Sandra Dean of Kansas City retained their elected positions.

The high energy convention accomplished it’s theme of: TURNING POINT 2009- Connecting the Black Power Generation to the Hip-Hop Generation.

(All photos by Jesse Muhammad)


  1. As Saalaamu Alaikum Believers,
    Also The One Like Zin was named NBUF Minister of Culture (from the Latin cultura stemming from colere, meaning "to cultivate") Review his New Album-Mental Gaffitti Brother Jesse, He Performed @ Mosque Maryam on Sunday. I Love What You Doing Soldier, Peace

  2. thank you for your rebel news!

    alicia banks


  3. Beloved Kofi Taharka, may the gratitude within your soul keep you focus, grounded in luv of being a servant; in the line of the divine. My, our prayers, and assistance are with you and this noble administration. Keep regular meditations for yourself; and spend, a minumum of one hour per week in a saturated green space, to increase your chi, and humble you to your greater calling; a servants heart. TAO


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