Legendary Hip Hop Journalist Davey D interviews Brother Jesse about the Paris, Texas rally. Click Youtube Video!

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Madness went down in Paris, Texas today as members of the New Black Panther Party and White Supremacists squared off. The trouble took place when skin heads descended upon a rally held by members of the Black community to protest the jasper style-dragging death of Brandon McClelland last September by two white men. In what appeared to initially be a slam dunk case, the special prosecutor Toby Shook said no charges would be pursued due to lack of evidence..

Brother Jesse Muhammad of the Final Call Newspaper was one of the first to break this story. He was present at the rally today and gave us a in depth break down of what took place. You can peep out Brother Jesse’s blog here.


In the meantime take a look at the footage from AP and you can get a glimpse of what took place.. As you watch this ask your self- how and why is this happening in the Age of Obama and why isn’t Race being discussed seriously as advocated by Attorney General Eric Holder

-Davey D-

Click Below to hear the interview with Brother Jesse!

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