Shelby Stewart of the African American Officers for Justice weighs in on HFD racism issue

"I believe that a tragedy is playing out within the Houston Fire Department. At this time systemic racism and sexism is rearing its ugly head.

The most disappointment comes not from cruel racist who have shown that their barbarism knows no bounds, but the silence of those who should stand with us.

We would like for those who consider themselves leaders in this community to stand up against racism, sexism and discrimination. I will stand with Brother Otis Jordan and all of the African American Firefighters in their quest for freedom, justice and equality."--Shelby Stewart

Community Alert:
The Houston Black Firefighters Association along with a coalition organizations will be hosting the "Flames of Racism" Rally on the steps of Houston City Hall on July 28. For more information log on to: http://www.noiswregion.org/HFDRally.asp

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