TONIGHT! Final Call Staff Writer Nisa Muhammad to appear in CNN's "Black in America 2" with Soledad O'Brien

(Nisa Islam Muhammad (l) with Soledad O'Brien of CNN | Photo by CNN)

Nisa Islam Muhammad, a Staff Writer for The Final Call Newspaper, will be featured in a segment of CNN's "Black in America 2" by Soledad O'Brien on Thursday, July 23, 2009.

Mrs. Muhammad is being profiled for founding the Wedded Bliss Foundation that provides marriage counseling for Black couples throughout the country.

"Black in America 2" aims to explore solutions to the biggest issues facing African-Americans as Soledad O'Brien reports on people who are transforming the Black experience. Tonight's segment will also highlight a Michigan surgeon researching why Black Women are more prone than White women to a certain form of breast cancer; The Project Choice, a program in Oakland that aides ex-cons; and Hollywood star Tyler Perry.

Tune in tonight on CNN at 8pm EST (7pm CST).

Congratulations Sister Nisa!

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  1. Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. This special on CNN was great. I only wished that my husband and I was able to look at it together or come to one of the 8 week sessions. I am about to be divorced in about two weeks, I just wished my husband was willing to go to marraige counseling before he quit our marraige. There was no trust in our marriage after he commented adultery. He was too proud to seek help.

  3. Always good to see a fellow believer doing well.

    Brother Mustafaa

  4. APBTA that we do have a marriage counselor for black married couples. I know that if we had more programs such as Ms. Muhammads program there would be lots of saved marriages including mine. It always seems that the sister is more willing and wanting to work things out. How do you get a brother to agree to counseling? Keep up the execellnt work Sis.


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