A True Fisher of Men: Brother Warren 2X of Chicago casts his net in the streets of Houston and gets nearly 50 guests!

by Jesse Muhammad

His name has been called numerous times by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan as being the Top Fisherman in the Nation of Islam (NOI). Recently, Brother Warren 2X journeyed from Chicago to Houston to share his strategies on fishing with the members of Muhammad Mosque No. 45.

Not with just talk, but action. "My primary purpose is going after the people", Bro. Warren said. "Everything else in my life is secondary."

When we in the NOI say 'fishing', we're not talking about rods, worms and coolers, although they are symbolic. But rather we're talking about fulfilling that which Jesus said "Come, follow me and I will make you fishers of men". That's our sole purpose and since Bro. Warren has proven to be the best, Houston Believers wanted to learn in person.

He arrived in the city for the first time ever on Thursday, July 9 and wasted no time casting his net. He and other brothers of Muhammad Mosque No. 45 started visiting local shelters to invite people to attend the upcoming Sunday mosque meeting. He continued this pattern of teaching, training, motivating, and enlightening the seemingly hopeless for four consecutive days on the grounds until the morning of Sunday, July 12.

Crowds surrounded him as he energetically spoke on how they can change their lives by coming to hear the Teachings of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad. They agreed, signed up and van loads arrived at the Mosque on Sunday to hear a powerful message by Student Regional Minister Robert Muhammad. Bro. Warren fished a total of 49 first time guests!

The evening of July 9, there was a welcoming reception for him at the mosque and he spoke to those in attendance about strategies that have made him a successful fisherman. Many of those strategies are now compiled in his newly released book "The Principal and His Pedigree: Fishing Manual".

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(To order a copy of Bro. Warren 2X book or invite him to your city to teach and train call 773-617-2729 or w2xinc@yahoo.com)