Anti-Swine Flu Vaccination and Anti-Swine Meat Campaigns underway. Educate Yourself and Save Lives!

by Jesse Muhammad

I know this image caught your attention. It needed to because this is serious business.

School is preparing to start and there are hundreds of thousands of children in danger of having the swine flu vaccination. STOP! Do you know what is in that vaccination? Do you know the dangers of it?

Pictured left is a door hanger idea launched by Kevin A. Muhammad of the Nation of Islam as part of the Anti-Swine Flu Vaccination Campaign. People are going block by block to deliver these door hangers in the communities to educate people on the dangers of this vaccination. You can too. (Read it!)

According to Bro. Kevin the "bedrock of our campaign is the vast distribution of door hangers. One side advises to not take the swine flu vaccine, while the other side advises against eating swine flesh. The central goal is to refuse/reject both. By doing this, the person significantly reduces, even eliminates, the chance of being infected with disease-causing viruses (and metals and toxic chemicals in the vaccine)."

You can order these door hangers by visiting: http://kamuhammad.net

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  1. As Salaam Alaikum,

    It is so good to see the Muslim community on this. I have been concerned. I am the founder of the 'Stop the Vax' campaign and am deeply concerned for the Muslim nations which are clueless about this. Do you have any connections over there? We must get the word out ASAP. i have contacted Al Arabiya and Al Jazeera. Sell outs! I work directly with Jane Burgermeister and am getting ready to launch some new projects at www.stopthevax.com Maybe we can join forces? I'm still fleshing out the site tonight for the big launch which may take place tomorrow or next day, In sha Allah. We sure could use more troops on this.

    Peace and Blessings upon you,


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