Dr. Fran Harris filed for divorce....how about you?

Courtesy of Dr. Fran Harris via Inpowermentals Newsletter

It's already August. Can ya believe it?

Did you hit your marks? Did you reach your goals? Did you do at least ONE thing better this year?

If you're like me, as 2008 drew to an end, you vowed with a vengeance to "do better at X", right? Of course you did.

But did you? And if not, why not?

The number of people who tell me that "they're going to become millionaires", "start their own businesses", or "be more present in their lives" is starting to border around hundreds a month. You see, these are sincere, well-meaning people who all have one thing in common: they're married to their excuses.

Let me share what happened to my life when I filed for a divorce from my excuses.

1) I stopped giving myself a reason NOT to succeed, to fly, to soar.

2) I stopped accepting excuses -- and started demanding excellence -- from the people around me.

3) Every aspect of my life improved -- peace, prosperity, lifestyle, connections -- everything!

So, take stock of your life today -- in ONE area. Don't try to eat the entire elephant in one sitting. Just have the courage to put one area of your life under the microscope. And here's the question you need to ask. "Which excuse have I ALLOWED to keep me from truly maximizing in this one area?" Am I blaming someone else for my shortcomings? Is doubt or negativity my excuse?

Then...after you've asked the question. You need to take decisive action in the direction of what you "say" you want.

Baby steps are great. Decisive steps are better.

You can do it. Put your mind AND your body to it!

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