"GET THE LEAD OUT!"~Filmmaker Stacey Muhammad and Hip Hop legend Wise Intelligent teaching youth to document REEL life...

by Jesse Muhammad

Filmmaker Stacey Muhammad, founder of the award winning Wildseed Films, continues to produce impactful footage. For those who are new to my blog, I interviewed her earlier this year about the release of her short documentary "I AM SEAN BELL". (Click here for the archived interview)

Since that time Stacey has joined forces with Hip Hop Legend Wise Intelligent of Poor Righteous Teachers to form INTELLIGENT SEEDZ. It's a merger between Wise Intelligent's Trenton, NJ-based media organization Intelligent Kidz and Stacey's independent film company. The newly formed organization trains Young People to Document REEL Life, One Frame at a Time!

Recently they have embarked upon a journey behind the lens to shed light on the dangers of lead poisoning found in our schools and community. The project is titled "Dying to Learn" and the video below is "Get The Lead Out".

With a swift rhyming and intelligent female rap artist from the Pazzion Girlz dropping serious jewels, a chorus of young people are calling on mayors, governors, senators and even the President to "Get the Lead Out"....and the great Wise Intelligent is still one of the greatest of all times. He is featured in the video too.

Please view the video below, leave a comment, support them and for more on INTELLIGENT SEEDZ log on to:

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