H-Town Sneaker Summit draws hundreds of shoe collectors, addicts and more!

by Jesse Muhammad

I have to be honest, I am not a fan of buying sneakers. I have owned one pair of Air Jordans my entire life back in middle school when my older brother Deric Muhammad shipped them to me from Japan during his tenure in the Marines. (what was he thinking? lol)

So I was a little hesitant when I was invited to attend the 5th Annual H-Town Sneaker Summit on Sunday, August 2 at the Meridian. But I decided to attend and it went beyond my expectations. Just as people collect antiques, stamps, and cars, I met people who have been collecting shoes for 30 plus years. Serious collectors who know the ends and outs of the shoe industry. Many who have developed their own styles.

Kadoma, the CEO of the H-Town Sneaker Summit, told me "this event brings together all people who have a passion for sneakers whethers it's in athletics, skateboarding, hip-hop and fashion. Our mission is to always give back to the community so we are excited to host an environment for young people to convene around something they love and have a good time."

Various local hip-hop artists performed as people bought, sold, traded and browsed for sneakers. On the lower level, people showed off their skateboarding skills.

I am still rocking New Balance sneakers from a few years back....guess I am out of step! lol

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