"He's Just Not That Into You" relationships panel at One Woman Conference features Jamal Simmons (CNN) and Deborah Duncan

So much to blog about regarding the One Woman Business Conference! I am trying to catch up! (smile)

But I left off last time mentioning the relationships panel themed "He's Just Not That Into You" that occurred on Friday evening, August 7.

Whether you were married, dating or single, this panel discussion was definitely one of the most intriguing. Co-moderators Jamal Simmons of CNN (pictured left) and Deborah Duncan of Great Day Houston kept the dialogue lively, funny, and thought-provoking.

"I first want to say that I am not an expert on relationships nor am I an expert on women", said Jamal Simmons with a smile. "But I am an expert on how men think about these things."

After brief introductions by the panelists, Simmons and Duncan went right into the audience to get them involved. The discussion covered how to maintain longevity in a relationship, financial managements tactics, communication barriers, the pros and cons of relationships with co-workers, women making more money than their spouses and self-development before marriage.

"Bad relationships aren't necessarily bad because there are lessons learned", said Deborah Duncan. (pictured below)

"I was able to see me after I got my recent divorce", said panelist Tongela Clark. "I learned it wasn't him, but it was about me."

Panelists Edwin and Cheryle Graves have been married for 26 years. "There is a difference between a marriage and a merger. Marriage is not a contract, its a covenant. We have our ups and downs but we are a team", said Mr. Graves.

Author Marilyn Logan weighed in by stating that "men need to feel like they are the president at home and that they are in charge. Even though the vice-president (woman) of the house may be running things", she said to the laughter of the crowd.

"If you don't need me and you want me, that's very attractive to me", said Stephen Lewis. "I love a woman that has herself established and is doing great for herself."

Other panelist included Sugarland City Councilwoman Jacqueline Baly Chaumette,Petri Darby, Linda Ragland, Patsy Rhymes, and Nancy Whitaker.

Here are more photos!...more to come.

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