No Individual Can Rise Above the Condition of His People

By: Deric Muhammad

I recently attended a Saturday workshop where my younger brother and Journalist Jesse Muhammad, was a featured presenter. Afterward, I decided to take a shopping stroll through the Galleria Mall to exchange some merchandise.

I’d parked near the Neiman Marcus entrance and was exiting to return to my car, bags in hand, when I noticed an upper middle aged white female getting out of her Cadillac.

As she started towards the mall entrance the first person she saw was me; a clean-cut fellow wearing a custom made business suit and tie with both hands full of shopping bags. I had the white hanky in my pocket with spit shined Italian shoes, cuff links and all. But when she clutched her purse and ignored my “how you doin” I realized that all she saw was just another ni--- walking by.

It’s not like I’ve never experienced this before.

Growing up as a young Black male in America I’ve had many a purse “clutched” as I walked by. And I thought that maybe it had something to do with the way I was dressed as a youth or the hole in my t-shirt because I was poor. But while a lot has changed in my life, one thing hasn’t. I am still a Black man in America and whether I wear a Hugo Boss suit or sagging blue jeans I am still subject to the “old purse clutch.”

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