No Individual Can Rise Above the Condition of His People

By: Deric Muhammad

I recently attended a Saturday workshop where my younger brother and Journalist Jesse Muhammad, was a featured presenter. Afterward, I decided to take a shopping stroll through the Galleria Mall to exchange some merchandise.

I’d parked near the Neiman Marcus entrance and was exiting to return to my car, bags in hand, when I noticed an upper middle aged white female getting out of her Cadillac.

As she started towards the mall entrance the first person she saw was me; a clean-cut fellow wearing a custom made business suit and tie with both hands full of shopping bags. I had the white hanky in my pocket with spit shined Italian shoes, cuff links and all. But when she clutched her purse and ignored my “how you doin” I realized that all she saw was just another ni--- walking by.

It’s not like I’ve never experienced this before.

Growing up as a young Black male in America I’ve had many a purse “clutched” as I walked by. And I thought that maybe it had something to do with the way I was dressed as a youth or the hole in my t-shirt because I was poor. But while a lot has changed in my life, one thing hasn’t. I am still a Black man in America and whether I wear a Hugo Boss suit or sagging blue jeans I am still subject to the “old purse clutch.”

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  1. So what...if she clutched it or not...she's an upper middle aged white woman, she comes from a generation that had once called black people n*gger openly. OR...she could have been the victim of violence at the hands of a blackman before (who looked something like you) and she just hasnt been able to get over her trauma from that event. I know an asian girl whose never dated a blackman before, she prefers whitemen and whenever blackmen try and talk to her she gets visions of them raping her...so she's terrified without even having a reason to be that way. What do all of these things say about the kind of society we live in...and the way it views blackmen in paticular? The whole of America is screwed up - from plymith rock to the crack-rock, the social and racial paradigm of America has always devised against it's people of color, why wouldnt an elitist white majority inflict the worst imaginable forms of labor on a people it regarded as inferior. SOLUTION: Walk right by the woman as she clutches her purse and tell her that you wouldnt rob her, speak your thoughts out loud just so white people who are afraid know that you know their afraid...and that will usually make them feel stupid for having been afraid.

  2. An insightfull post. Will definitely help.

    Karim -
    Positive thinking


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