Obama Tactics: Gene Locke To Host Social Media Summit in Houston

Looks like President Obama's campaign strategy has set the standard for how a political machine should run....check this out.

According to a press release, on Saturday, August 29, 2009, Gene Locke, who is running for the Mayor of Houston, will host a live-streamed Social Media Summit for bloggers and related professionals from various industries to discuss his vision for Houston and his plans for stimulating economic development.

The Locke Campaign also stated that "recognizing that social media has had a profound effect on business and communications, Locke will present his plan for economic growth and jobs creation in Houston...Locke will then participate in a question-and-answer session fielding real-time questions through the campaign website’s live-stream chat."

A special guest will be Temo Figueroa (President Barack Obama’s National Field Director) who is apart of Locke's team. Moderator of the summit will be Marc Nathan of the Houston Technology Center. Members of the Locke for Mayor team – Jesse Dickerman, Policy Director, and Grace Rodriguez, Social Media Strategist – will be on hand to answer questions about the campaign.

The summit will take place at 1:15pm at the Gene Locke Volunteer Office located at 3710 Travis,
Houston, TX 77002.

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