One Woman Conference Blogging! Black and Brown Symposium delves into the present relationship between the two races...

Afternoon events on August 7 at the One Woman Business Conference hosted by the Texas Business Alliance included the "Black and Brown Symposium". Sponsored by Lane Staffing ,Inc., the aim was to discuss the shared experiences of both races in the areas Education ,Employment and Entrepreneurship.

Mike Barajas, Anchor, KRIV-TV Fox 26 and Carla Lane, CEO, Lane Staffing, Inc., served as co-moderators. Prior to the discussion Congressman Al Green made a proclamation presentation to TBA CEO Jeffrey Boney.

Panelist included Councilwoman Wanda Adams, Karen Becerra, Rick Figueroa, Reagan Flowers, Paula Harris, Christine Jacques, Jose Jimenez, Donetta Goodall, Pastor Rudy Rasmus, William Traylor, Pastor Michael P. Williams, Robert Hinjosa, and Ida Love.

Here are few quotables from some of their thoughts on the relationship between the Black and Brown:

Carla Lane: "Diversity is what makes this country great."

Mike Barajas: "I believe the confirmation of Sonia Sotomayor was perfect timing for this workshop because it shows progress."

Michael P. Williams: "We are at an all-time low in our relationship with one another because many times we are competing to be the best miniority and fighting over scraps."

Paula Harris: "It is going to take alot of time to improve our relatonships."

Pastor Rudy Rasmus: "We in the church have to build bridges. The church is getting older and older in terms of age group but we have to reach the young people. The church has to get back to taking a stand for justice."

Another part of discussion included the importance of the upcoming 2010 U.S. Census.

Here a few more photo highlights from the "Black and Brown" Symposium plus other shots!! More coverage coming including the Friday night relationships panel!

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