Tips On How To Be Interviewed and Overcome Your Fears

by Jesse Muhammad

Some people get cold feet even when they hear the word 'interview' let alone being in one. You may be one of them reading this article (smile). But television and radio interviews are great opportunities to brand yourself.

Whether its live on television, inside a radio studio, or on a blog talk radio show, you have to focus on getting your point across and maximize your opportunity. Here are a few tips.

Ask Questions First--Once an interview request comes across your desk be sure to contact them in advance to ask critical questions before you give the green light. What is the topic of this interview? Why did they request you and what will your role be? When will it air and on what station? Can people watch it online? What is the official website? Will it be live or pre-recorded? How long will the interview last? Will there be anyone else interviewed at the same time? Can they send you questions in advance?

Get Yourself Ready--If you agree to do it, get busy researching. Search online for background information about that particular show and even listen to some of their archives to get a feel for the format. If there is going to be a live audience, see what type of audience they cater to. Be sure the media outlet has an updated short biography of you or a detailed media kit to properly introduce you.

Practice getting your point across in short, effective answers to their questions. The media loves soundbites. Be sure to remember the points you would like to get across but please do not sound like a robot. The listeners and viewers can pick up on that. If you are really nervous, practice with a friend.

Game Time: On television, your non-verbal communication is key. Dress the part and show confidence. People are watching your presentation and measuring your energy. Do you look excited about what you are presenting? Is your voice radiating excitement through the airwaves? The listeners and viewers are feeding off of you. If you are nervous before the interview, take deep deep breathes. Take your time and be sure to answer the questions directly.

Get a copy: Always request a copy of your interviews. Not only for your archives but also to review your performance. It's also good to have a few friends watch it to give you honest critique.

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  1. ASA,

    Although I have some experience doing such I still know I can be better and this helps. Thanks again brother.



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