Ways To Emerge as a Leader on the College Campus (Part 3)

by Jesse Muhammad

This is part 3 in a six-part series on Ways To Emerge as a Leader on the College Campus

I ended Part 2 by stating that by becoming actively involved in other organizations, I soon gained the confidence to start several of my own along with some friends.

Many of you may be wondering why and how.

Well all of us at Prairie View A&M University had our opinions of what activities could be most impactful and useful for the students. Some groups chose to party. My circle did not talk against them but instead we took the initiative to start our own.

For example personally at that time I had become a registered member of the Nation of Islam so I desire to start a NOI Student Association. With the assistance of now Final Call Assistant Editor Ashahed Muhammad, I launched a PVAMU Chapter. He was the National NOISA Coordinator at that time and gave me all of the materials I needed to get the chapter officially recognized by the Campus Activities department.

Find out who oversees the Campus Activities Department at your school and establish a relationship. I noticed that other groups invited the director out to participate in some of their events, so I followed suit. Networking is important. Plus that paperwork can feel like applying for a job with the federal government, so you may need some extra guidance. Make sure you have everything in the package completed and turn it in on time. Do not procrastinate or you can lose a chance to be an officially recognized organization.

I then recruited many people to build membership.

In addition I joined forces with others to launch an investing club, a Black Male empowerment society, leadership clubs, and mentoring programs for local schools in Prairie View, Texas. Some, not all, got recognized on campus but we were able to make an impact.

You can too.

Part 4 I will discuss the importance of selecting a good sponsor of your organization because some may not be as supportive as you think. (smile)

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