"A Blogger's Paternity Surprise" by Zack Isaacs

(Blogger's Note: The following blog is posted by Zack Isaacs on his PR/Media blog isaacspr.blogspot.com. He sent it over to me after he read the results of the DNA test that Mr. Rideaux and I took. Zack shed some very interesting light on this subject matter. Please read and support his works!)

A Blogger's Paternity Surprise
by Zack Isaacs

Brother Jesse is a Houston-based blogger with a unique story.

His name is Jesse Muhammad, but the man who was just determined to be the blogger's real father is Joe McCray.

The tragedy is that Mr. McCray passed away 21 years ago- decades before Jesse began his quest for the truth.

Recently, Brother Jesse has used his blog as a form of a personal memoir regarding his longing for paternity verification. Brother Jesse has done something big for the world of PR without even noticing it. He has helped bring dignity to the practice of paternity testing.

Usually, folks watch TV shows like "The Maury Povich Show" for a scandalous outlook on paternity. But this was not the intention of Brother Jesse. He wanted to show that there is a deeper meaning to learning the identity of ones' father.

He didn't need a camera crew or a free trip to New York.

He just needed to learn the truth to show others that it's okay to do the same.

He's not just a regular blog friend of mine now. Instead, he has become a role model for many of us.

Thank you, Brother Jesse for showing us the real relationships that matter- the ones developed before we reach the public eye.

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About Zack Isaacs
Mr. Isaacs is a budding professional in this exciting industry. He has been a guest on Monique Caradine Kitchens' "Perspective" program on My50 Chicago; a contributor to a February segment of ABC7Chicago; as well as a regular iReporter for CNN.

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