G20 Summit: Grassroots reporting by Jasiri X, Paradise Gray and Davey D

(Jasiri X: Photo courtesy of One Hood MEdia)

In case you have not been watching the news, following Twitter time lines or catching YouTube clips, the streets of Pittsburgh turned violent the last few days with the G20 Summit taking place. Three journalistic and Hip-Hop soldiers have been posting serious updates.

"The police and military deployment numbers were compounded by the fact that there was so few “regular” people in downtown Pittsburgh due to the fear people had of protesters “tearing up” the city. The irony was that all around the city are signs that say, “Pittsburgh Welcomes the World” yet the intimidating presence of so many police had the exact opposite effect."--writes Jasiri X

(Photo: Paradise Gray and Jasiri X inside Homeland Security Protester Cages)

Here are updates posted by Jasiri X, Paradise Gray and Davey D. Keep following them on Twitter and Facebook!

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