Latest cover of The Final Call Newspaper: "Losing Their Grip"

The latest edition of The Final Call Newspaper is hitting the streets of America and the world today. Final Call Assistant Editor Ashahed M. Muhammad follows up last week's awesome cover story with another one that is sure to capture your attention.

"When a virtually unknown Republican Congressman, Joe Wilson from South Carolina shouted the words “You lie!” during a September 9 speech by Pres. Barack Obama, it was the latest example of the uncivil tone and rancorous atmosphere created by many of the president's opponents on the right", writes Ashahed Muhammad.

Click here now to read the full cover story online: "Desperate and Insecure, Whites see country slipping away"

The Final Call Newspaper is published by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam. The Final Call is the only remaining Black-owned nationally distributed weekly in the county and has a stronger international readership.

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