The Longevity of Black Organizations: Interview with Kofi Taharka, National Black United Front Chairman

During the recent 30th Anniversary Convention of the National Black United Front, Kofi Taharka was voted in as the new national chairman of the group led for decades by Dr. Conrad Worrill. With innovative ideas in mind, strong support from elders, and a team of other energetic officials, Mr. Taharka is ever-eager to continue learning and leading. Final Call Staff Writer Jesse Muhammad recently talked to the Houston-based activist.

The Final Call (FC:) How did it feel to be elected as the new National Chairman of the National Black United Front? What are you focused on?

Kofi Taharka (KT:) I am focused on being prepared mentally, physically, financially and spiritually to handle the job. I am learning from the elders and looking forward to bringing some new ideas and fresh insight into the organization. We want to uplift and uphold the 30-year tradition of this organization in the grassroots, on the frontline and in principles.

We have a new team and it's not just me. We have other young brothers and sisters who have taken on elected offices and we have been working very hard to put a little more focus on the fundamentals of the organization. Some of the elders deserve the right to step to the side. They are not stepping out but stepping to the side to take on a different role. It's time for some of them to let us do some of the heavy lifting.

This new position is still something to get used to but one brother gave me some advice to just be myself. We (Houston chapter) have put in some work for over 17 years and I think that's why the national organization felt comfortable with our election. They have been to Houston a number of times, they've seen the Houston chapter, they've seen the broader community that supports us so we're going to keep doing what we have been doing and hopefully elevate it to another level.

Read the full interview online at The Final Call: http://www.finalcall.com/artman/publish/Perspectives


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