My Biological Father Search Update #4: Earl agrees to take a DNA test....one step closer

by Jesse Muhammad

The search for the identity of my biological father has struck a nerve unlike I ever expected.

I have received numerous calls, text messages, Twitter messages, emails and more from those who are not only cheering me on but also those who desire to do the same thing.

Some of the stories have touched me deeply. One brother found his father one week before his father past. One sister found out this year that her father had multiple daughters by multiple women six months apart. They all united for the first time. There are a lot more. I am documenting them all.

I must admit, the last week was kind of rough mentally because I was calling Earl Rideaux's home here in Houston and nobody was answering. I wanted to have dinner with them over the weekend and talk to Earl in person about taking the DNA test. But no responses.

So to remedy my impatience, I started researching more on how to obtain the death certificate of Joe McCray. After speaking with the Department of Vital Statistics in Austin, my mother and I planned to drive to that city to obtain it for only $20. Our trip was to take place on Friday, September 11.

Weather conditions did not permit us to make the trip.

So it afforded my mother and I an opportunity to talk. During that conversation she told me that she wanted to tell me to just "slow down baby and wait to see the results of the DNA test with Earl." But she also said she understood my sense of urgency. Her words calmed me down.

I'm just so close by the Blessings of God and the support of many. So I feel like I am back on the basketball court at Forest Brook High School. That desire to execute. That desire to make it happen....that....but I know Who is in control and has orchestrated all of this to happen at such a rapid pace. "Be patient", I told myself.

Then it happened. On Sunday, September 13, I called Earl's home after making a prayer. Someone answered the phone. I ask for him. They gave him the phone. I told him who it was and he had a delayed response when I said who it was before finally saying "Ohh, hey son!" and "How are you doing?".

I told him that I had wanted to meet with him in person but did not want more time to elapse. I shared with him for the first time my mother's doubts about him being my father. He said "Really?". He then went on to say that "I am sure you are because I saw the pictures you took with your sisters. You look so much like us."

I said "I saw the resemblance as well" but that also I wanted to take a DNA test be 1000 percent sure so we can move on as family if it turns out he is my father.

His response, "Son, I will happily do that. Whatever will put you at peace. I am ready. Let's do it. Come pick me up anytime. We can take the test and then go catch up."

I told him I really appreciate him stepping up on this.

We had small talk for about five more minutes....conversation ended.

DNA testing will take place September 17 or 18, God Willing.

One step closer....

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