PHOTOS: Houston residents turn out for the anti-swine flu vaccination workshop headlined by author Kevin A. Muhammad

Nation of Islam Author and researcher Kevin A. Muhammad spent a week in the city of Houston as a special guest of the Muhammad Mosque No. 45 Ministry of Health & Human Services.

He was a guest on several radio and television shows and the climax of the week of events came as he presented critical information to a huge audience on Saturday, August 29 for the "Dangers of Swine Flu Vaccinations" workshop. The other featured speaker was Dr. Akili Graham.

Thank you to Sister Al-Nisa Muhammad, Sister Shareefah Muhammad, Brother Alprentice X, Sister Hattina X and the other members of the Ministry of Health for their hard work in making this event a great success!

Look for detailed information about Bro. Kevin's tour in Houston, the anti-swine flu vaccination campaign, and more in an upcoming edition of The Final Call Newspaper.

Also video clips of their presentations will be posted here on Brother Jesse Blog!

(If you are interested in hosting this seminar at your school, community center, church or city please send an email to : ssaleem1615@yahoo.com)

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  1. I agree 100% , the Government always sends a cry wolf to kill off thousands of American people , or even nation wide. I can remember in the 1960's where the state of Alabama did all these experiments on the so call poor black people , with syphllis , and the sterilization in the communities causeing women to neve have babies , and to spread this out break of illness through out the state among the so call black peoeple . Why is that white man call every nation heathen or savage's except them selves.? I have learned to seek the Most Hight God for all my bhody problems , I am caref ull about what goes into my mouth , even as food wise. Thank you for speaking up that someone hear your voice. Be Blessed in the MOst High in your journey.


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