The Power to Overcoming Stress: Accepting the Challenge to CHANGE

by Ebony S. Muhammad, Guest Blogger

Accepting the challenge to CHANGE does not imply changing who you are to please others, let’s be clear about that. Accepting the challenge to CHANGE can be understood, in other words, as gaining control over your life and not allowing your circumstances to dictate your potential for freedom, survival, love & belonging, power, and fun (Rosenthal, H.G., 1998). This is the beginning of your reality check and possibly the start of controlling all within your realm of 360 degrees.

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan teaches that the only thing constant or guaranteed in life is CHANGE. So the first question you should ask yourself is how well do you handle CHANGE? Although, we incline to the ability of controlling the stress level in our lives, we may be unaware of how to do this. As a result we submit to our condition as oppose to calling for a CHANGE from within. Unfortunately, this is where we tend to go wrong, and this is possibly the starting point of inviting stress into our lives.

So, how much Power do you actually hold in the concept of CHANGE? The Answer: much more than you think. However, the Power to CHANGE does not reside outside of you. In fact, it comes from within and from your creative power to command and/or influence that which is necessary for your well-being.

One of the best quotes that depict the message within this article is, “Be the CHANGE you want to see”. As cliché as it may appear, this is a very profound statement.

You cannot expect others to CHANGE or your condition to CHANGE if you are not initiating the evolution within yourself.

(Ebony S. Muhammad is a Certified Thanatologist specializing in Grief and loss. She is a Depression and Stress Management Specialist, as well as a Candidate for a license in Massage Therapy.)

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